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Onychomycosis, or nail fungus, affects approximately 36 million people in the US. While some people are genetically prone to it, others, like athletes, may be more likely to get it due to damp feet. Nail fungus is often merely a cosmetic problem, but over time it can also cause pain or abnormal growth.

For patients, laser procedures offer a new alternative to oral medication, which may have certain health risks, and topical treatments, which may have poor efficacy. For you, this procedure represents an emerging revenue opportunity — laser procedures for onychomycosis accounted for $2.1 billion dollars in 2010.1

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The Challenge of Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is an embarrassing chronic condition that impacts a patient’s quality of life and can lead to serious health problems for those with diabetes or immune disorders. The treatment of nail fungus is difficult because the infection is under and inside the nail, making it hard for other treatments to reach it.

Laser Solutions For Clearer Nails

Laser procedures offer an alternative solution for clearer nails. Cynosure’s PinPointe FootLaser, for example, offers a unique combination of wavelength and pulse structure that’s absorbed by the fungus at a faster rate than the surrounding healthy tissue.

Micropulses of the Nd:YAG laser light pass through the nail without causing damage to the nail or the surrounding skin. At the time of the procedure, the nail will not become instantly clear—it takes time to grow out.

Patients experience minimal discomfort due to the specific pulse modulation, used by the PinPointe laser. Some may express a warming sensation on the area. Typically, one procedure improves the appearance of the nail; however, you will determine if the patient needs follow-up care.

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PinPointe FootLaser

The PinPointe™ FootLaser™ is a clinically proven laser device specifically designed for the temporary increase of clear nail in patients… More

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