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For many people who struggle with the shape of their body and signs of aging, body contouring is a minimally invasive solution—helping them re-shape and discover their beautiful. In fact, body contouring remains the number-one procedure performed by plastic surgeons,1 and patient demand is projected to grow 12.3% per year through 2017.2

Laser lipolysis meets this demand with a less invasive technology that delivers positive outcomes and less patient downtime, as compared to traditional liposuction and other surgically invasive procedures. It also allows surgeons to provide aesthetic offerings across a wide range of patient types.

In the US alone, revenue from body shaping procedures was more than $54 million in 2012.3

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Laser Liposuction and Body Contouring

Laser-assisted lipolysis systems are highly effective for disrupting fat cells and delivering heat stimulated collagen production as part of a body contouring procedure. The method of energy delivery, specific wavelength(s), power, and safety features vary across laser lipolysis platforms. Additionally, most laser lipolysis platforms include some form of disposable cost per procedure.

Currently, Cynosure’s Smartlipo  and SmartLipo Triplex with PrecisionTx are the market leaders in laser body contouring. Despite a challenging economic environment, laser lipolysis was in the top five procedures performed by plastic surgeons in the USA.4

Laser Body Contouring Overview

  • Laser body contouring is a minimally invasive treatment due to the small cannula size and laser technology.
  • Some laser platforms provide the option of using local anesthesia and potentially improving procedure efficiency.
  • A laser fiber is introduced through an incision as a single laser fiber or through a small cannula and laser fiber combination, delivering energy directly to subcutaneous adipose tissue to disrupt fat cells and coagulate soft tissue.
  • Laser contouring results may include less bleeding, swelling, and bruising, as compared to traditional liposuction.
  • Patients may experience quicker healing and less recovery time, reducing the required time for follow-up in the office.
  • Laser contouring is a great option for patients who desire lower face and neck revitalization without the downtime of a face lift.
  • Laser lipolysis is an excellent adjunct to traditional liposuction treatment, which when used alone, may not provide benefits seen with laser energy.
  • Typically only one short treatment session is needed per patient.

Wavelength Options

Laser lipolysis workstations may offer one, two or three wavelength options to treat patients. The determination of the wavelength is primarily based on the chosen target’s (or chromophore’s) affinity to absorb laser energy and the desired clinical outcome.

  • Targeted Wavelength: Specific wavelengths are selected and designed to coagulate blood vessels during laser lipolysis, resulting in less bleeding and bruising.
  • Wavelength Affinity: Depending on the platform, laser-lipolysis wavelength energy may have a high affinity for water in adipose tissue. Platforms delivering energy that targets water in adipose tissue may provide ancillary benefits, such as heat simulated collagen production.
  • Wavelength Absorption: Adipose tissue is composed of 75% lipids and 20% water. The absorption properties of all components in tissue should be considered when selecting a wavelength to provide optimal treatment results.










Small Area Laser Contouring

Benefits may include:

  • Laser treatment for smaller areas.
  • Results that continue to improve5.
  • Heat-stimulated new collagen production (one study on 12 patients demonstrated up to 29% increased skin thickness in three months post treatment6).
  • Best possible results with least amount of downtime7.

Enhanced Collagen Deposition

enhanced collogen deposition





Measurements taken from this ultrasound represent enhanced collagen depositions from 1.40 mm pre-treatment to 1.81 mm three months post-treatment, representing an increased thickness of 29%.6


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