Temperature Profiling That Makes Sense

ThermaGuide provides temperature feedback to deliver the appropriate level of laser energy.

ThermaGuide allows you to achieve:

  • Temperature monitoring at site of lasing for instant temperature feedback
  • Precise and controlled body contouring
  • Beneficial tissue retraction effects through soft tissue coagulation
  • Safer clinical results with greater efficiency

ThermaGuide Smartsense

Here’s how ThermaGuide’s temperature sensing works:

  • The ThermaGuide cannula contains a sensor that measures tissue temperature.
  • Smartlipo MPX, SmartLipo TriPlex, Cellulaze, and PrecisionTx workstations calculate average temperature and display it on their screens.
  • Laser energy is delivered until the target temperature is reached, for a safer and more uniform treatment.
  • Intuitive software allows you to select temperature settings to alert you to reduce the laser energy when subdermal temperatures exceed target temperature.

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Before & After

“ThermaGuide provides the practitioner the ability to accurately target specific tissue temperatures.”