A Smart Addition to Enhance Your Practice

Adding Smartsense will enhance the treatment experience for you—and your patients.

Smartsense optimizes treatment by increasing:

  • Control and precision
  • Safety
  • Consistent outcomes

If you already own Smartlipo or Cellulaze, it’s easy to add SmartSense and upgrade your workstation.

Settings for Targeting Specific Areas

Three separate control option settings are provided for appropriate use, based on the clinical indication and area of treatment.


More Control for More Peace of Mind

If handpiece motion ceases, the laser stops firing within 0.2 seconds for added safety, but remains ready and resumes firing when the handpiece is set in motion again.


How It Works

The SmartSense delivery system contains an advanced microchip called an Accelerometer, which is inserted into the intelligent handpiece.

Based on the setting you choose (high, medium, or low) and the motion of the intelligent handpiece, the precise laser power is metered and delivered.



“Even the most experienced surgeon can benefit from the added safety of SmartSense—especially if you’re interrupted in the middle of a procedure.”

Doug Hendricks, MD Pacifica, Cosmetic Surgery Center, CA

“SmartSense ensures the precise level of energy that’s required. It helps you achieve a consistent clinical result, which means a more satisfied patient, and more referrals to your practice.”

Bruce Katz, MD Juva Skin and Laser Center, NY

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