New Hope for Nail Fungus

Onychomycosis, or nail fungus, affects approximately 36 million people in the US. The PinPointe FootLaser provides new hope for these patients. In fact, clinical studies show that after a single procedure, more than 70% of patients experienced sustained improvement in the appearance of clear nail.*

Though other options are available, PinPointe poses none of the risk or harmful side effects that often result from these alternatives. And, even better, this convenient in-office procedure typically takes only about 30 minutes to perform.

*Data on File, Nuvolase, Inc.


PinPointe FootLaser Specifications

Before & After


“PinPointe FootLaser is an easy, safe, and effective modality to clear mycotic-infected toenails. It has added a steady stream of non-third-party income to our practice.”
Dr. Joel A. Feder, DPM

“After several years with little or not success, I decided to give the laser method a try. The results have been great, with improvements I did not expect to see so soon. I am very satisfied with the simplicity of the process and the outcome I have experienced. ”
Nicholas P., Lafayette, CA

“Many thanks to PinPointe FootLaser for great technology that is safe, easy and virtually painless!”
Cliff J., Chico, CA