Higher style. Higher power. Higher iQ.

Built with the user in mind, the Elite iQ is the newest member of the Elite product family featuring increased energy, the Skintel® Melanin Reader™, and a modern design for fast, safe, and effective treatments.
• Focus on patient safety with the patented melanin reader – Skintel
• Treat patients fast with higher max energy*
• Offer your patients many of the most popular treatments
• Easily navigate the system with a modern design and intuitive user interface
• Treat all day with a variety of light, ergonomic handpieces

Skintel – the Industry’s Only Melanin Reader

The Skintel melanin reader is the industry’s only FDA-cleared melanin reader. It enables practitioners to identify test spot settings, optimizing hair removal treatments tailored to each client’s skin type, lifestyle, and ethnicity. No more judging skin type by eye or guessing if a patient has been in the sun-this is an objective measurement that allows you to get to treating with the right parameters and settings.

Power & Versatility

Elite iQ is a high power, 30A system capable of performing a wide variety of treatments. From hair removal to facial veins, sun damage, and wrinkles, this is a system that can expand an aesthetic menu and offer patients what they are already looking for.

Modern Look, Improved User Experience

Not only is this system a workhorse, it looks good doing it. This completely new design features:
• 34cm tilt and swivel touch screen
• Flat-top and internal drawer for storage
• Wraparound handle for easy maneuverability
• 6-colour LED logo and back-lit handle

On top of this, the touch screen interface is intuitive and minimalist which makes using the device fast and easy.



*Compared to previous generation devices

The Elite iQ aesthetic workstation is indicated for the following, but not limited to: permanent hair reduction and treatment of veins, noncancerous pigmentation, wrinkles, warts, scars and ingrown facial hairs. Common side effects include redness, swelling, crusting and scabbing. Other side effects may include blistering, burns, hives and lightening and darkening of the skin. Like all medical procedures, not all patients are suitable for the treatment. A qualified practitioner is solely responsible for evaluating each subject’s suitability to undergo treatment and for informing those being treated about any risks involved with the treatment, pre-and postoperative care, and any other relevant information. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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