Advanced Technology, Efficacious Outcomes

Cynergy treats vascular and pigmented lesions more effectively than conventional, single-wavelength platforms. With both a high-powered 585 nm pulsed-dye laser and a 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser, our proprietary MultiPlex technology enables the sequential emission of two wavelengths from one delivery system for optimized clinical effectiveness.

The Science of MultiPlexTM

Sequential emission means that Cynergy’s sub-purpuric, pulsed-dye laser fires milliseconds before the Nd:YAG laser. This first pulse converts oxy-hemoglobin to methemoglobin, which increases the absorption coefficient for the Nd:YAG wavelength by 300–500%.2,3

Next, the Nd:YAG laser fires and is more effectively absorbed by the converted target, enabling reduced Nd:YAG fluence for enhanced patient safety. Since greater penetration depth is achieved, outcome results are also optimized.

By emitting dual wavelengths, Cynergy provides safe and effective results in less time than single-wavelength systems. For your patients, that means greater comfort and satisfaction. For you, that means greater patient throughput.

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I use the [Cynergy Vascular Workstation] in my practice every day. It has quickly become my ‘workhorse’ system for a variety of dermatologic conditions, including facial and leg telangiectasias, port-wine stains, hemangiomas, and hypertrophic scars. I have been so impressed with the versatility of the Cynergy system that I have discontinued the use of a couple of my single-wavelength laser systems.

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Clinical Data

As a recognized industry leader, our technology—including Cynergy technology—is strongly supported by clinical research.

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