Unlike Any Cellulite Treatment on the Market

Cellulaze is unlike any cellulite treatment on the market today. From its unique SideLaze3D™ side-firing fiber, to its ThermaGuide™ thermal sensing cannula, Cellulaze delivers the laser precision you need with unsurpassed safety mechanisms.

Cellulaze is the only one-time, minimally invasive laser treatment with clinical data showing long lasting results up to three years1.

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Targets Fat: The aiming beam faces down to coagulate fatty tissue.

Thermally Subcises Fibrous Septae: The aiming beam faces sideways to subcise the fibrous septae.

Thermal Energy Delivered to Dermis: The aiming beam faces up to thermally stimulate collagen production to thicken the dermis and improve elasticity.

1DiBernardo, Barry E., MD. Cellulite Treatment Using the ND:YAG 1440-nm Wavelength Laser With Side-Firing Fiber: Three-Year Follow-Up. Plastic Surgery Pulse News. 2013; vol 5;1.

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“Two things make Cellulaze revolutionary. One is the degree of cellulite improvement. We see remarkably higher levels of improvement than any other cellulite treatment. Secondly, we see results sustained at one year or more. It’s a great breakthrough.”

Barry DiBernardo, MD

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Clinical Data

Cellulaze is supported by extensive clinical data, ranging from white papers to three-year clinical studies published in respected journals. The appeal of Cellulaze is not simply the excellent clinical results, but also the numerous peer-reviewed papers and podium presentations on this innovative technology. The list below is just a glance at some of the leading published studies on Cellulaze and the effects of the 1440 nm wavelength.

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