March 21, 2016

What is Cell Signalling?

Recent medical breakthroughs have allowed scientists to begin to understand Cell Signalling, the natural process that allows cells to rapidly communicate with one another. This biological communication pathway allows the body to initiate auto immune responses to pathogens or injuries such as a cuts, bruises or burns. Cell signalling occurs when cells release protein molecules, known as cytokines.These are detected by surrounding cells that in turn release their cytokines, causing a ‘cascade’ which allows the body to cohesively respond to a threat or injury. The most common detectable manifestation of this process is inflammation and swelling.Cynosure’s researchers, along with other leading scientists, discovered that it may be possible to initiate cell signalling healing response without traditional injury.


PicoSure’s unique combination of 755 nm and Focus technology unleashes the body’s natural cell signalling processes to increase collagen and elastin, creating brighter, healthier, younger looking skin with virtually no downtime.