FACE Workshop ‘First look at TempSure Envi'

When? Saturday the 16th June 14:30-16:00

Where? FACE Conference, The Burns Room

Queen Elizabeth II Centre
Broad Sanctuary
London, England

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This workshop will be hosted by Miss Sherina Balaratnam and Dr Kai Rezai in partnership with Cynosure and will cover product demonstrations of SculpSure Submental, Icon and our brand new device, Tempsure Envi

Not only will you get a chance to be one of the first to see the new technology from Cynosure, you’ll also learn about patient selection and the optimal patient consultation as well as how to introduce a new laser to your practice and make it a success.


Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll be able to ask the experts with a Q&A session too, as well as get hands on with the new device so it’s a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition with the latest technological innovations.


There is no deposit required for this event, it's availability is set on a first come first serve basis.

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